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Whether you’re climbing a branch or riding a boom, Gap Arborist Supply will be the help you want for the gear you need.

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Livelihood over Lifestyle means that Gap is here to serve you and your business. It's not about helping you look like an arborist - It's about helping you grow your business efficiently and safely.

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Gap Arborist Supply is run by climbers for climbers. Gap Arborist is trusted by thousands of climbers and tree service business owners throughout the U.S. Why? Because they can always be confident that their Gap Arborist order will be in stock, ship within 24 business hrs, and arrive on time.


Meet Ray (Last name redacted), owner of Gap Arborist Supply. He spent 12 seasons climbing trees. Now, he's helping you get the best arborist products fast and affordably.

About Gap Arborist Supply

The Team at Gap Arborist Supply understands that without spending seasons climbing trees, you won't understand how life-savingly important it is to climbers to have the gear they trust.

Unlike other big-box tree service suppliers, Gap Arborist was started by Ray (Last name redacted), a seasoned climber, who now serves thousands of climbers all over the US. Ray and the GA team know you need to your gear yesterday. Which is why they promise to have real-time inventory, shipping within 24 hours (business hours), and knowledgeable experts if you want a second opinion on which gear is right for you.

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