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All Gear Heavy Duty Chafe Sleeve

All Gear Heavy Duty Chafe Sleeve

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Easy to set up with a slip knot. Our Heavy Duty Chafe Sleeve will provide you excellent protection for your tree in a Branch Saver system or as an excellent rope protector for climbers and rescue workers.

100% Polyester for extreme durability and a one sided construction for a stationary position once set up. One side is one ply webbing flat and the other side is an open/ loose one ply for a smooth running line. Available in two popular sizes.


Branch Saver System
Tree Protection while Bracing
Over walls - concrete
Utility Hand Line Protection
Life Safety Line Protection


Excellent Protection for your Rope
Ready to Cut in 1 Foot Sections
Keeps Stationary compared to Standard Chafe
Grey Surface Color for Low Exposure

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