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Notch V3 Quickie

Notch V3 Quickie

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At less than half the size of standard carabiners, the Notch V3 Quickie boasts unparalleled versatility, serving many purposes, from anchoring to redirects. Its quadruple-action slick pin ensures a secure connection.

The Notch V3 Quickie, conceived by acclaimed inventor Kevin Bingham, redefines arborist equipment. Its compact steel design, half the size of traditional carabiners, offers unparalleled versatility for various tasks. Engineered with a quadruple-action slick pin, it ensures a secure connection and minimizes friction in rope-choking configurations. Crafted from precision-cut stainless steel, this US-manufactured connector eliminates side-loading concerns, making it an indispensable tool for canopy and base anchoring.

With a major axis rating of 30kN and a minor axis rating of 13kN, the Quickie combines strength and resilience. Its compact dimensions (2.25 inches in length, 2.5 inches with slick pin) seamlessly integrate into any toolkit. Elevate your arborist operations with this innovative connector, a testament to Kevin Bingham's legacy of advancing industry standards.

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Country of Manufacture: United States
  • Manufacturer Part Number: SPLICING
  • Product Type: Links & Shackles
  • Length: 2.25 inches
  • Width (with slick pin): 2.5 inches
  • Major Axis Rating: 30kN
  • Minor Axis Rating: 13kN

Developed by Kevin Bingham, the inventor of the Rope Wrench and Rope Runner, the Notch V3 Quickie is a locking steel connection that can be used for nearly everything you would use a carabiner for - and more. Plus, its less than half the size of standard carabiners! The Notch V3 Quickie makes a perfect connection for a base anchor or canopy anchor because it doesn't suffer from the side loading problems of a standard carabiner. Also, the quadruple action slick pin rotates, lowering friction when used to choke a rope. This version of the Quickie is precision cut from stainless steel. For the milled version see the Original Singing Tree Quickie. The Notch V3 Quickie is a steel connector with great versatility!

  • Material: Steel
  • Country of Manufacture: USA
  • Manufacturer Part Number: Splicing
  • Product Type Links & Shackles

Features & Benefits:

  • Steel connector with great versatility
  • ½ size of standard carabiner
  • Great solution for basal or canopy anchor
  • Perfect for redirects
  • Features quadruple action slic pin ensuring safe and secure connection
  • Design reduces risk of side loading
  • Rotating slic pin reduces friction when used in choking configuration

Technical Info:

  • Material = Stainless Steel
  • Major Axis Rating = 30kN
  • Minor Axis Rating = 13kN
  • Length = 2.25”
  • Width (with slic pin) = 2.5”
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