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ISC Chipmunk Flex Tether

ISC Chipmunk Flex Tether

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The Chipmunk FLEX measures 9", which is 3" shorter than the original Squirrel FLEX Tether.  The short Chipmunk tether allows users to reduce the overall height of their SRT climbing system.  The compact length allows climbers more reach-space above the system, therefore enabling longer arm strides and greater efficiency during ascent.

Just like the Squirrel, the Chipmunk is constructed from high quality, durable rope with an advanced Polymer over-mold, to create a super-rigid tether, with just the right amount of flex!

The Chipmunk FLEX has sewn eyes which offer a snug fit, firmly holding the karabiner in order to maintain stiffness in the system.  The Chipmunk FLEX Tether has a central connection point that allows for connection to a chest harness, using the KL100 Accessory Karabiner (supplied). 

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