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Tylaska DTR20 Arborist Rigging Ring

Tylaska DTR20 Arborist Rigging Ring

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The Tylaska DTR20 has the same running line hole as our standard TR20 ring but has the outer diameter of the TR28 ring. The design allows for a greater bend radius of the though hole containing the active rigging line which reduces the stresses and wear on the rope fiber. The "D" in DTR stands for "double" whereas the outer groove is made twice as wide as the standard TR20 ring so as to allow for two passes of line between the ears instead of the traditional single pass of line.  Such a feature allows you to rig the ring with a cow hitch or larks head meaning that it is much easier to swap out rings as necessary. 


Inner hole Diameter: 28mm

Groove width: 44mm

Mean Breaking Strength: 206 KN  ( 46300 lbs)

Wide Outer Groove allows for cow hitch or larks head attachment

Extremely wide bend radius for active rigging line to reduce wear and stress

Machined from 6061 aluminum

Hard Coat Anodized  

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