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Tylaska Basilisk LFB28

Tylaska Basilisk LFB28

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The Tylaska Basilisk is a massive braking and rope redirection device that can be used to control the lowering of tree limbs and logs. Unlike other similar devices, it has a closed aperture passageway that prevents the attachment line from getting damaged. It also eliminates the need for a spliced connection.The attachment line can communicate with movement and can be separated from the device through the attachment points. This enables a bridle-like suspension to be created. The braking process involves passing the line through a series of through holes.

Inner hole Diameters: 38mm

Groove width: 28mm

Mean Breaking Strength: 195 KN  ( 43800 lbs)

101mm wide x 279 mm long x 50mm thick

2 captive sling rigging points

Machined from 6061 aluminum

Type III mil-spec hard coat anodized  

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