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DMM Hitch Climber Kit

DMM Hitch Climber Kit

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This kit has everything you need to start climbing with DMM’s Hitch Climber. It includes a DMM Hitch Climber Pulley, two DMM Ultra O Carabiners, and a 30" Epicord 9.3 mm Sewn Eye and Eye. 9.3 mm Epicord will work on 11 or 12 mm climbing lines.

ABS: 30kN
Length: 94mm
Width: 68mm
Weight: 120g
Capacity: 14mm
Rope Efficiency: 95%
Source: Wales UK
Triple attachment points for special applications
Hot forged 2014 T6 aluminium side plates provide strength and durability
Heat treated 174PH stainless steel spindles for high strength and corrosion resistance
Pre lubricated sintered bronze bearings for ultra smooth operation
Riveted and tamperproof assembly
Recommended for arborist and rescue applications

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