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Hasegawa Orchard Ladder

Hasegawa Orchard Ladder

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$579.00 - $949.00

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Engineered for safety and stability the Hasegawa Orchard Ladder boasts a wide base, deep steps, and telescopic back leg. Crafted with precision, they offer the perfect blend of practicality and security for all your tree-climbing needs.

Introducing the Hasegawa Tripod Ladders, meticulously crafted for arborists seeking unparalleled safety and efficiency in their work. Designed with a wide base, deep steps, telescopic back leg, and robust clawed feet, these ladders provide a stable platform for elevated tasks.

Drawing inspiration from the structural integrity of the Eiffel Tower, your weight is expertly distributed downward and outward, firmly securing the ladder in place. This exceptional design sets Hasegawa Ladders apart as the foremost choice for arborists, ensuring a safe, stable, and practical tool for tackling even the most challenging tree-climbing scenarios. Elevate your arborist endeavors with the pinnacle of ladder engineering.

  • Material: Welded, extruded aluminum construction
  • Thickness of Steps: Deep steps for secure footing
  • Leg Adjustment: Telescopic back leg, shortening up to 18" with 6" stops
  • Base Design: Wide base for stability
  • Feet Design: Broad clawed feet for additional stability
  • Conformance: Meets ANSI TYPE 1A Standards

3 legs, wide base, stable and light!

Hasegawa Tripod/Ochard ladders Hasegawa Tripod Ladders are the safest, most stable and practical garden ladders around. These aluminum, tripod ladders are used all over Japan and Europe and now in the U.S., by gardeners and nurserymen. Our customers include tree surgeons, topiary specialists, institutional and estate gardeners, orchard owners, hedging contractors, permaculturists and and landscapers. Countless gardening enthusiasts appreciate the stability and practicality of the tripod design. The wide base, deep steps, telescopic back leg, as well as broad clawed feet and flat top make the Hasegawa Tripod Ladder incredibly safe and easy to use. Similar to the design of the Eiffel Tower, your weight is directed downwards and outwards, pinning the ladder to the ground.

Specifications The back leg adjusts quickly and easily with a spring- loaded pin, shortening up to 18” with 6” stops. The ladders are welded, extruded aluminum construction, weatherproof, strong and very light. Double rungs are easy on the feet, and resist getting muddy or slippery.

Quality Guarantee Hasegawa has the reputation for making the best quality and safest tripod ladders in use today – our production conforms to all ANSI TYPE 1A Standards. Hasegawa Trading has been selling ladders since 1956 and producing since 1968.

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