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Volume Purchasing

Corporate Accounts

Gap Arborist Supply offers discounts for individuals and companies that regularly purchase arborist supplies per year.  We also offer discounts on large one time orders. Please contact us at 717-690-1646 or email us with questions or to enroll in the corporate pricing program. Corporate Accounts do not qualify for free shipping over $49.00. 

Wholesale Accounts

If you are a retail operation you are eligible to set up a wholesale account with Gap Arborist Supply. We keep a large inventory and offer a wide range of products. We offer competitive wholesale pricing, and most of our products ship the same day.  Whether you have a hardware store, chainsaw repair shop, lawn and garden store or an equipment dealership, stocking product from Gap Arborist Supply can help you to build a profitable business and attract more customers to your store. Wholesale accounts do not qualify for free shipping. 

Please contact us at 717-690-1646, or email